QGC-Gov 1.10 and Ground Autonomy Engine 1.1 Released

QGC-Gov 1.10 and Ground Autonomy Engine (GAE) 1.1 have been released for Ubuntu 20.04 and Android, and are available through the downloads page under the software page, and also on GitHub. Note: GAE is required to run QGC-Gov 1.10 with CCAST and for the functions to work in Tactical View

If you don’t have access to the GitHub you can request it here.

The following changes were made in this release.

AISUM focused improvements:

  • Tactical view UI improvements
  • New tactics in Tactical View
  • Improved video handling in Tactical View

SRoC focused improvemnts:

  • Added Button Mapping
  • QuickLook button map fixes

Other improvements

  • CoT improvements
  • Add latitude and longitude waypoints to Plan View
  • Documentation fixes and updates
  • Other bug fixes
  • General error and warning cleanup

See the GitHub repo for more details.