QGC-Gov 1.11 Beta 1 Released

QGC-Gov 1.11 Beta 1 has been released for Ubuntu 20.04 and Android, and is available through GitHub (Beta releases are only available on GitHub). This version includes a major refactor to the arhitecture which should improve stability and performance. If you don’t have access to the GitHub you can request it here. From now moving forward, GAE is no longer needed for AISUM use cases.

The following changes were made in this beta release.

  • Improve icon scaling
  • Cleanup of TacticalView UI
  • Added screen recording 
  • Improved CoT
  • Added advanced mode setting for disabling MAVLink
  • Refactoring of vehicle class and implemented Entity & EntityManager classes 
  • TacticalView video pane improvements
  • Added ability to enter MGRS
  • Added Mock Interface to allow testing without CCAST or vehicle HW
  • Refactored Behavior class
  • Added vehicle groupings
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

See the GitHub repo for more details.