QGC-Gov 1.11 Beta 4 Released

QGC-Gov 1.11 Beta 4 has been released for Ubuntu 20.04 and Android, and is available through GitHub (Beta releases are only available on GitHub). If you don’t have access to the GitHub you can request it here. The following changes were made in this beta release.

  • Add a new setting for RSSI units
  • Auto-fit videoPanes to videoStream
  • Update dev setup docs
  • Fix FlyView shift and tactical border color
  • Continuous LookAt Multiple Vehicles
  • Manual Control Fixes
  • Replace QtMultimedia with GStreamer and updated docs
  • Tactics fixes for AISUM
  • Specific AISUM Flight Test 4 changes
  • Fix PlanView Bugs
  • More Controller Actions
  • Media zoom and panning
  • New CCAST tactics
  • Improve SingleView UI
  • Implement configuration pages

See the GitHub repo for more details.